Discounts available on all charter fishing trips for Active duty and Veterans

Fishing Trips/Charter Rates

Inshore Trips


Inshore charter fishing trips are 4 hours long and  great to test the waters with. Catches will include but not limited to flounder, bluefish, croaker, skate, sharks, black drum, rockfish.

4 Customers 

$300.00 plus tip for 4 hours 

8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm

Near Shore/Wrecks and Reefs

founder, trigger fish, spade fish, blue action tackle, wreck fishing, near shore, reef fishing

Near Shore/ Wreck and Reef charter fishing trips are between 3-12 miles off the beach,these trips are for but not limited to Flounder, Triggerfish, Spadefish, Sea Bass, Tautog, Sharks.

4 Customers 

$600.00 plus tip for 6 hours

$800.00 plus tip for 8 Hours

8am-2 to 4pm depending on trip

Offshore trolling\ Chunking

tuna, big eye, yellow fin, blue fin, mahi mahi, washington canyon, norfolk canyon,trolling, chunking

Offshore charter fishing trips will be for the Clients and groups that want the real Offshore deep sea fishing experience. These trips will target Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Marlin and Sharks. these trips will use trolling, chunking and sticking as needed to try and help produce. 

4 Customers 

$1350.00 plus tip for 12-14 hours

5am- 5 to 7pm

Overnight Trips


The overnight deep sea fishing trips bring you to the next level with the ocean. These charter fishing trips put you in the right spot at the perfect times to catch the first light and last light bite. They will consist trolling, chunking, sticking and floating baits over night as needed to help produce. These trips will target Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Sharks, Swordfish and at night you never know what may show up.

4 Customers

$2600.00 plus tip for 30 Hours

8am-2pm the following day

Tile Fish/ Deep water Wrecks

Black Sea Bass, Golden Tile, Blue line tile, wreckfish, grouper, deep dropping, swordfish, wrecks

These Tile fish and deep sea wreck charter fishing trips will target Blue line and Golden tile, Wreck fish, Jumbo Sea bass

4 Customers

$1300.00 plus tip for 12 hours



All deposits are due in advance to book charter fishing trips, balance of trip is due in cash at dock before boarding vessel unless other arrangements have been made prior, mates work for tips and 20% of total cost of trip is customary. Deposits are subject to forfeiture if you cancel without 24 hours of notice. All trips are at the discretion of the Captian. There are events that are out of are hands weather and mechanical failures that may result in cancellation of trip and a reschedule or refund of deposits. The vessel is a drug free zone, there is zero tolerance policy and the trip will be forfeited with out refund. Must also remember this is Fishing not Catching and somedays the elements do not line up, we try our best to make sure those days are not often but it does happen. 

Charter Fishing


We supply all fishing gear for charter fishing trips, We have all the safety gear that is required for a charter boat by the USCG (life jackets, first aid kits, flare kits, epirb). We have on board fish boxes and will have plenty of ice to go around if needed.  


You are responsible for your groups lunch and drinks in small cooler bags is preferred.  Rain gear and clothes that match the current climates is on you. If we are doing deep drop trips and you have your own electric reels and battery's you can bring them. you are free to bring your own rod and reel combos for reef fishing and such but keep them limited to 1-2 combos a person.


Leaving the dock at dark easing our way thru the inlet the salt air is crisp and thick. We pass over the inshore lumps and the bit of swell they produce and running east bound just as you can start to see whats around from the sun just starting to creep up. We pull the throttles back and the mate will start dropping outriggers and setting lines still barely able to see whats around. As the sun creeps further into the sky you will start to see whales and porpoises rolling on the surface and then you hear the load snap of the rigger clip and ripping drag of the 50w reel screaming and at that point we are tight on the first fish. This is what offshore charter fishing is all about.


Booking Trips

Call before making Deposits


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Call to check availabilty before placing deposit. Deposits are forfeited if you cancel without 24 hour notice.  All trips are at the discretion of the Captain. Weather delays may involve reschedule or refund of deposit. Balance of trip cost is due in cash before boarding vessel.